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Llano Animal Rescue

Helping Our Furry Friends

Find Their Forever Home

Who We Are

Llano Animal Rescue became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in August 2018. Our goal is to find forever homes for our furry friends. 


Many dogs end up in the Llano City Animal Shelter due to neglect, overpopulation or being surrendered by their owners. Unfortunately, the City Shelter is not a "no-kill" shelter -- this broke our hearts, so we had to do something to save more of these precious lives.

We currently retrieve dogs from the City Shelter and have them checked by a veterinarian to receive all of the required vaccinations and make sure they are healthy. We start loving on them and caring for them and identifying any special needs. We work to socialize them so they can be adopted or find a foster home. 

Based on the current size of our shelter, we are not able to take in any cats. We recommend that you contact

Hill Country Cats (830-598-9883) if you'd like information about cats.     


We will also work to educate the community on the necessity of spaying/neutering and keeping tags & collars on your pets.


What We Do

Making A Difference - One Pet at a Time

Llano Animal Rescue is in the business of saving the lives of animals. 

Our mission is to Find Forever Homes for Our Furry Friends.

In addition to our shelter area where we care for the dogs, we also have a Thrift Store.

The Thrift Dimension, located at 909 Bessemer in Llano, is a great place to shop. 

Proceeds are split between Llano Animal Rescue & Llano Earth Art Festival (LEAF).

Woman Hugging Dog

Adoption & Foster Care

Adoption is the goal for our furry friends. We’re looking for people who can provide a loving, safe & dependable home. If you can do that, then we’d like to match you with your ideal pet.

Foster Families are a big help to any animal that is up for adoption. Rather than staying at our facility, pets would temporarily stay with a Foster Family at their home. This would provide more love, interaction and socialization for the pet, which should make it more likely to then be adopted.

Contact us with any questions or to complete the paperwork to get started.

Promoting Proper Care

We will work to educate the public on the importance of proper care of their animals. This will make happier pets & owners.

Spay & Neuter: Unfortunately, there is an overpopulation of dogs & cats. Many times, pet owners have good intentions but then end up having a large litter they're not able to care for. Spaying & neutering your pet is very important to prevent overpopulation. 

Immunization: Make sure your pet is up-to-date on all of its shots. Vaccines prevent dangerous diseases that can harm or even kill animals and humans.

Identification: You've found your perfect buddy - now make sure they can make their way back to you if they get out of the yard. Be sure they have a collar and a tag that identifies them & provides the owner's details. Microchips are another way to ensure you can get Fido back. They are painlessly implanted into your pet and will allow shelters & vets to locate the owner by scanning the chip. 

Visit to the Vet
Animal Shelter

Volunteers are Crucial

Volunteers are very important to us because they play a big role in caring for the dogs we have available for adoption. This includes feeding & walking them, and of course, giving them lots of love.


Volunteers also assist with adoption, education and fundraising events.  


Contact us to complete the form to become a volunteer.  

Dogs Available to Adopt

Please follow us on Facebook at Llano Animal Rescue. 

You will find current pictures of the dogs we have available for adoption.

You can also email us at llanoanimalrescue@gmail.com for more details on the dogs

that are looking for their forever home.


Donate Today

You Can Make a Difference

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Make a Donation

Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you, with every contribution going towards making Llano Animal Rescue an even better organization than it already is.


Donations are always needed to pay for the ongoing care of the animals we have at our facility while we seek to find a foster home or have them adopted. This includes food, shelter, utilities, cleaning, vaccinations and potential spaying/neutering. 

Due to your generosity, we were able to improve the kennels & storage area and build an outer fence for a great play area and an extra layer of security. 

Your donation will help save the lives of animals in need. Give generously!

You can donate via credit card, debit card, or PayPal using the Donate button below.

If you prefer to write a check, please contact us to do so.


Buy a T-Shirt for $15

Show your support - buy a shirt for $15.

These are great shirts, produced by our local vendor,

Hill Country Embroidery, Llano.

Wear this shirt around town & tell folks about how

our rescue group is helping the fur babies. 

The proceeds will be used by our organization to 

help animals in need.

Contact us with the button below -- tell us what size you'd like to buy (Adult sizes, S - XXL.)

Llano Animal Rescue