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Who We Are

We're in the business of saving dogs!
We have adopted out over 200 dogs and placed over 30 dogs with other Rescues to be adopted.

Llano Animal Rescue became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in July 2018.

Our mission is to find wonderful, loving forever homes for dogs that we obtain from the Llano city shelter/Animal Control. We are a no-kill rescue. 


While we do love cats, and have been able to actually help several along the way, we do not have the facilities to handle cats - we only handle dogs. 


We do not accept surrenders or strays directly from individuals. Rather, we typically will obtain dogs from Animal Control from the City of Llano.

If you've found a stray dog or cat in the Llano city limits, or you need to surrender an animal, please contact the City of Llano Animal Control at 325-247-4158. 

If you've found a stray in the county of Llano, outside the city limits, please contact the Llano County Sheriffs Dept

at 325-247-5767.

We're located in Llano Texas, a small town in Central Texas. We've been blessed to place dogs in new homes all over Texas, and even in other states. 

We're also blessed to have a great group of Volunteers. We have no employees, so our volunteers are the driving force behind our organization. They feed & walk the dogs, clean the kennels and help with events. It'll definitely brighten your day to spend some time with these great dogs, and it helps them out so much. Please contact us if you'd like to take a tour and find out if volunteering is right for you.

Our board members are as follows:

Robin Chiesa, Founder, Board Member & President

Linnette Fike, Board Member & Treasurer

Marilyn Hale, Independent Director

Carol Kothmann, Independent Director


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Llano Animal Rescue is a 501(c)3 organization; Tax ID 83-1688416

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